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Space Science News

  • This artist’s impression shows an ultra-hot exoplanet as it is about to transit in front of its host star. Using the ESPRESSO instrument of ESO’s Very Large Telescope, astronomers have found the heaviest element yet in an exoplanet’s atmosphere, barium, in the two ultra-hot Jupiters WASP-76 b and WASP-121 b. Credit: ESO The study of extrasolar planets has led to some astounding discoveries, many of which have defied the expectations of astronomers and challenged our…

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  • Scientists have finally calculated the total number of black holes in the observable universe. It’s quite brain wrecking that the total number of stellar black holes is stunningly 40 quintillion. If we look at the numbers, it is 40 followed by 18 zeros. Counting the number of black holes is not an easy task. Even a small frame of the universe contains millions of black holes. It’s like counting all the sand particles on the…

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  • This image shows a small area of the sky in the direction of the region occupied by Upper Scorpius and Ophiucus. It zooms in on a recently discovered rogue planet, meaning a planet that does not orbit a star but instead roams freely on its own. The rogue planet is the tiny, bright red dot at the very centre of the image. The image was created by combining data from the OmegaCam instrument on VLT…

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