National Geographic 50mm Portable Refractor Telescope – RF360MM

Price: $39.99
(as of Jun 07,2023 16:24:28 UTC – Details)

Product Description

50mm Portable Refractor Telescope – RF360MM

The National Geographic RF360MM telescope is made to go wherever adventure takes you. With its ultra-compact design, this easy-to-use refractor is an ideal travel companion and a great starter instrument for both daytime nature watching and nighttime moon gazing. Spend an afternoon visually exploring distant landscape features or getting a closer view of wildlife without disturbing it. Once the stars come out, visit the chiseled ridges and craters of the lunar surface or tour some of the night sky’s brightest objects. For added versatility, the telescope comes with two interchangeable Huygens eyepieces, so you can experiment with different magnifications and fields of view. It also has a full size tripod for comfortable viewing and a panhandle mount that smoothly moves the telescope up, down and side to side.

Technical Specifications

Lens Diameter 50mm Focal length 360mm Magnification 18x and 28.8x Eyepiece 24.5mm

Explore Scientific and National Geographic Explore Scientific and National Geographic

360mm Focal length
18x and 28.8x Magnification
24.5mm Eyepiece
AZ Panhandle Mount, aluminum tripod, and astronomy software

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