Become a dark energy explorer: NASA citizen science project

Become a Dark Energy Explorer, help map the distant universe and figure out what makes it expand faster and faster. Credit: Science@NASA

Dark energy makes the whole universe expand faster and faster! But what causes this spectacular process? Join NASA’s newest citizen science project, Dark Energy Explorers, and help figure out this puzzle.

At Dark Energy Explorers, you’ll look through images of distant galaxies and other data to help build a map of the universe, focusing on the region about 10 billion light years away. The images come from the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment, based at The University of Texas at Austin’s McDonald Observatory. Various explanations for dark energy predict different changes in the expansion rate.

Those changes will affect the map in different ways—so your work will help astrophysicists use the map to sort through the possibilities.

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For more information, see … ark-energy-explorers

Become a dark energy explorer: NASA citizen science project (2023, January 9)
retrieved 9 January 2023

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