Black holes are a cosmologist's obsession – Neil deGrasse Tyson #shorts #science #space…

Neil deGrasse Tyson is asked in an interview what his obsession is.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks to Piers Morgan about a theory regarding spacetime and black holes and how he would like to know what lies beyond black holes.

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What is your obsession?

What’s your weird thing, you would love to crack that has never been solved?

I want to know:

Our equations tell us that if you go into a black hole,

the time works out so that

the future history of the universe you just came from,

plays out to infinity and another spacetime opens up in front of you.

So I want a mapping of all the new spacetimes that the black holes are providing.

So you’re all basically obsessed with the same thing; black holes.

Who wouldn’t be?

I find it a little bit black.

We’re obsessed with black holes

the way kids are obsessed with T-Rex.


Every kid knows the T-Rex, right?


I think it’s because it’s the threat that it can eat you that has earned its respect.

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