Luciano Rezzolla: Breaking the Wall to the First Images of Black Holes

How can we improve our understanding of the complex issues concerning our world and its surroundings? At the Falling Walls Science Summit 2022, we present the work of internationally recognised, established academics, and leaders in the observation and understanding of natural phenomena of the earth, atmosphere and space (e.g. chemistry, physics, astronomy) that contribute to solving the world’s biggest challenges.

black holes and neutron stars

About the Falling Walls Science Summit

The Falling Walls Science Summit is a leading international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral forum for scientific breakthroughs and science dialogue between global science leaders and society. The event takes place every year from 7–9 November in Berlin, commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall. With formats Falling Walls Pitches (7 November), Falling Walls Circle (8 November) and Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year (9 November), the Falling Walls Science Summit is the leading forum for global science leaders from academia, business, politics, the media, and civil society to debate the potential of scientific breakthroughs to solve grand challenges and shape a sustainable future. The Falling Walls Science Summit is organised by the non-profit Falling Walls Foundation. More:

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7 – 9 NOV 2022


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