Nil Dot Talks | Molecular Astrophysics | Pallavi Kajrekar

With the “Nil Dot Talks”, AstronEra brings you the voices of the people of the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ about a fascinatingly disturbing thought. The guests on this show are from a variety of backgrounds and fields and are sharing their thoughts and views about the relationship between their field and astronomy.

Episode 4:
Pallavi Kajrekar is a junior research associate. She did her graduation from the University of Melbourne in Astronomy and Chemistry. Pallavi is now working on synthesizing Amino acids in outer space. She is a great blend of science and creativity as she is also an artist.

In this episode of the “Nil Dot Talks”, Pallavi shares her thoughts about astronomy related to her work. She answers how she would expect an alien species to be if they are 1% better than the humankind.



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