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Is it Science or Fiction is the question we must ask ourselves with everything we see. The Universe holds many secrets after which we are searching. With the James Web Telescope, we are likely to make new discoveries in the coming years. Yet not everything is black and white, or is it? Let us take you on a journey with us. A journey into the unknown. This video is about the mystery of black holes and the discoveries of the James Webb Telescope.

Because one thing is certain. NOTHING IS CERTAIN!

Black holes are one of the many mysteries of the universe. Let this short documentary about black holes take you on a journey where you have to ask yourself the question; Is it Science or Fiction?

According to the general theory of relativity, a black hole is an area in astronomical space from which no particle can escape. Not even light. These black holes are created when a star implodes at the end of its life and everything nearby is dragged into the hole. Over time, the black hole grows larger as matter from the surrounding area is absorbed. Black holes can also merge to become even larger. The so-called supermassive black holes with masses of billions of solar masses are also called solar masses.

No one has ever entered a black hole and the question is whether they ever will because you won’t survive. Stand in a dark room, close your eyes, and put on headphones with the sounds of space coming from them. Imagine being sucked into a black hole in slow motion and being able to see everything from the inside. What do you see?

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