Wormholes Might Already Be Detected #wormhole #wormholes #blackhole

Wormholes Might Already Be Detected
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Today, we have something interesting for you which is related to space travel.
How about travelling to Proxima B in a short period of time beyond light speed?
Yes, as per theories available, we can do it and more advance civilizations are capable of doing it.

It’s possible that a highly developed alien civilization has built a network of wormholes for travel throughout the universe, and we may even be able to find them.
Our giant telescopes, like James Webb Space Telescope, is actually capable of detecting wormholes.

Take, for example, Fumio Abe of Nagoya University, who told the publication that we might even have already captured evidence of such a network in previous observations — but lost them in the sea of data, raising the intriguing possibility that reanalyzing old observations could result in a SETI breakthrough.
Reexamining historical data may help in the detection of wormholes if they have throat radii between 100 and ten million kilometres, are bound to our galaxy, and are as common as regular stars.

In other words, it’s a seductive theory that offers yet another way to definitively determine whether or not humans are alone in the universe.
In this vast universe, we might be not alone and there some advance civilizations who had already visited us through these wormholes.
Wormholes, to put it simply, are hypothetical tunnels with two ends located at different points in time and space. Even though they don’t defy Einstein’s general theory of relativity, we are unsure if they could even exist, let alone if a highly developed civilization would be able to create them.
However, wormholes require enormous amounts of energy to be created.
With our current technology, it is not possible to make a worm hole but with natural phenomenon, it is possible to find a wormhole and travel through it.

A wormhole would require the energy emitted by a sizable portion of the stars in a galaxy as well as “stuff” with repulsive gravity to hold open each mouth because they are intrinsically unstable.
Gravitational microlensing might be able to identify a network of wormholes built by extraterrestrial civilizations.
A little distraction, one update I want to give is that, recently James Webb Space Telescope detected the perfect Einstein Ring, you can watch the short form of video we have created.
I will put the link in description.

A method called gravitational microlensing has been used in the past to find thousands of far-off exoplanets and stars by observing how light is bent by them. It is unclear whether it could be applied to the detection of wormholes.
Fortunately, finding wormholes isn’t our only chance to find extraterrestrial life.
The hunt for hypothetical megastructures that completely enclose stars to harness their energy, for pollutants linked to the atmosphere, for incredibly thin, reflective spacecraft called light sails, or for any of these things could theoretically lead us to find an extraterrestrial civilization.
Wormholes are an intriguing idea, especially in light of the possibility that they could allow an extraterrestrial civilization—or even us—to traverse great distances in both space and time.

If you want to know more details about Gravitational Lensing, you can tap on the video which is showing above or go through the link in description.

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