What might the new Webb telescope discover?

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The paper about the simulation into which you can zoom and zoom that I mention at 2 mins 30 seconds is here:
You can download the images here:

The paper I mention at 8 minutes 30 seconds with the galaxy formation tree is here:

The figure which I show at 9 mins is from this thesis:

You find the Millenium Simulation which I mention at 9 mins 11 seconds here:

Information about the new Uchuu simulation which I mention at 10 mins is here:
And the video is here

You can learn more about the trouble with dark matter and early galaxies on Stacy McGaugh’s blog:

0:00 Intro
1:36 What’s new about the Webb telescope?
5:44 What do astrophysicists want to do with the telescope?
7:41 What I am most excited about
10:59 Sponsor message

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