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“It is not merely a theoretical field.” Astronomy and Astrophysics directed the life of humans from the stone age to the modern age. Despite being so crucial it is the prettiest subject with a balanced taste of complexity. Students do love- lesser complex and more fascinating scripts. But, it is the complexity, that makes a subject’s potential to explain Blackholes and Dark matter. The expanding universe and multiverse. However, astronomy and astrophysics are underrated topics. Low complexity gives the best version of the information. How? Look inside the book!

“A revision book of astronomy and astrophysics” seeks its uniqueness in providing huge facts with the simplest calculations and intriguing figures. If you like a blend of physics and mathematics- which add spice to astrophysics- with astronomy, then this book is yours. To expand your knowledge from mere paragraphs to calculations or to revise the topics in short a reader must take a look inside the book. The book covers 8 chapters- Astrostatistics and Data Analysis, Celestial Mechanics, Electromagnetic Spectrum and Stellar Magnitudes, Basics Of Thermodynamics, Basics Of Radioactivity, Galactic Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Celestial Coordinate System.

The chapters are exclusively designed for keen Astro-enthusiast. One should have some knowledge of high school math and physics and lots of interest in research.



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