CERN is BACK! Forget interdimensional portals, black holes, what will it mean 4 medicine? |…

The large hadron collider at CERN has reopened after a 3-year maintenance project. The last time the collider was open they discovered the Higgs boson. the ideas of dark matter and parallel universes have really taken over our popular imaginations.

Scientific discovery often happens on its own. The WWW was developed at CERN, as well as the first website. CERN technology has contributed to a 3D x-ray machine. CERN’s technology has also advanced radiation therapy, one of the three pillars of cancer treatment. CERN has also helped develop radio-isotopes.

CERN is an example of basic science. In the US we invest in the National Institutes of Health. We spend $23B a year on NASS, $43B on NIH, but $722B on defense. At some point, we need to rethink our priorities.

Exciting things that will help medicine will come out of CERN. The only way to find out is to watch.

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