First White Hole EVER in Space Discovered By Scientists!

First White Hole EVER in Space Discovered By Scientists!

White holes are hypothetical cosmic areas that work in the opposite direction from black holes. Nothing can enter a white hole, just as nothing can escape a black hole and there have been rumors that scientists have discovered a white hole!

The simplest way to visualize a white hole is to think of it as a black hole turned upside down. White holes are the strange twins of black holes. This is one of the most mysterious and exciting events in deep space.

Some physicists believe that if a black hole shrinks enough, it will become a white hole. On the outside, this white hole would appear to be insignificant, but on the inside, it would hold much of the information ingested by the black hole, which would emerge over time. Others have speculated that the Big Bang’s explosion was caused by a black hole.

What exactly are white holes? Is it true that white holes exist? What could a discovery of one mean, according to astronomers? Keep watching to find out!


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