Black Holes Explained: Most Extreme Objects in the Universe

Black holes are one of the biggest mysteries in the universe — areas of space where gravity is so intense that even light cannot escape. But how are they formed? And if they swallow all light, how do we even know they’re there at all?

0:00 Black Holes Explained
0:43 What is a Black Hole?
1:24 Different Types of Black Holes
2:02 How Are Black Holes Formed?
3:08 How Do We ‘See’ Black Holes?
3:42 The Singularity and What’s at the Center of a Black Hole
4:16 Using X-Rays To Find Black Holes
4:46 The SOUND of a Black Hole!
5:18 The First Image of a Black Hole
5:41 How the Event Horizon Telescope Works
6:25 The Second Image of a Black Hole
6:36 What Black Holes Tell Us About the Universe

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