James Webb Telescope FINALLY Proves The Existence Of White Holes!

If there are black holes, it makes sense that there are white holes, right? It is not that simple because of the mysterious nature of white holes! While the existence of black holes is proven facts among the scientific community and beyond, white holes still cause lots of controversies because some scientists still hotly dispute their existence. However, the new James Webb Space Telescope is ending the argument with its findings that proves white holes do exist! What exactly are white holes, and how is the powerful space telescope proving they are real? Stay tuned as we bring you how the James Webb Space Telescope finally proves the existence of white holes.
You don’t want to come across a black hole, to avoid the possibility of ending up inside its belly! With so much appetite, black holes gobble up everything that strays too close, including stars with their huge mass! However, are white holes as frightening as black holes or even scarier? Black holes and white holes have many similarities but they have fundamental differences!

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