Scientists FINALLY Captured First Ever White Hole!

Many people know about black holes and how terrifying they can be with their unending
appetite for swallowing anything that is unfortunate enough to come close! However,
many do not know about the counterpart, known as a white hole, which is just as
terrifying! For decades, the existence of white holes has been theoretical, but that has
now changed with scientists’ first-ever discovery of a white hole! What are white holes?

after all the stars have collapsed and the resulting black holes have withered!
Even at the basic level, we might be living in a white hole world! This is because the Big
Bang theory, which is the explosion of matter and energy, is classic white hole behavior.
As one scientist puts it, the geometry is very similar in the two cases, even to the point
of being mathematically identical!
Let’s hear what you think of white holes in the comment section below!

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