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Maulik Bhatt has done integrated master in physics in SVNIT Surat. During his summer internships he worked on pulsar and cosmology. Later he moved to University of Geneva, where he did masters in Astrophysics. He has also worked on Dark matter, exoplanets and recently on cosmological simulations.

Why not grab his experiences in this new Astrophyscis series and learn something unknown to us but truly magnificent about universe, cosmology, bigbang, dark matter, dark energy, particle physics, expanding universe, Hubble’s constant and what not.

1. Dark matter Dark energy creative:

0:00 Teaser
0:22 Tanmaye Vyas introduction
1:50 About Maulik Bhatt

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Host: Tanmaye Vyas, Founder
Guest Speaker: Maulik Bhatt, Masters in Astrophysics
Editor & Graphic content: Vishwa Jain, Sr. Education Associate

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