Are we Living in a Black Hole?

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We are living inside what we call “Universe”.
But if we look closer, it seems that there are some connections between a Black Hole and our Universe.
So, is it possible that we are living inside a black hole?
This turns out to be a good question to answer, because there are so many people that, in approaching Cosmology and Astrophysics for the first time, found themselves with plenty of questions about the Universe we are living in.
We could say that everybody is interested in a mix of existential questions that turn out to have both philosophic and scientific answers. This happens because we are humans, and we stay up all night asking questions. One could drive himself nuts asking questions like that.
But don’t worry: we are here for you, trying to help you.
Have the Universe and a Black Hole anything in common?
They seem so different, but are them?
Follow me on this journey through the Universe to find out more about the connection and differences between Black Holes and the existence of the Universe, between Event Horizon and Particle Horizon, between Black Hole singularity and Big Bang singularity.
A black hole cosmology (also called Schwarzschild cosmology or black hole cosmological model) is a cosmological model in which the observable universe is the interior of a black hole. Such models were originally proposed by theoretical physicist Raj Pathria and concurrently by mathematician I. J. Good.
Also, both the Big Bang and Black Holes do possess the concept of Singularity.

We can easily see that there are some connections to both the Event Horizon and Particle horizon.
We get caught by a black hole, and once we come in, we can’t go out; we are inside the Universe trying to get out, but we can’t because there is a limit to how far we can travel… but…is this enough to conclude that we are living inside a black hole?
Of course not.

Let’s go on and now try to have a discussion on differences between a Black Hole and the Universe.

First difference.
The black hole singularity is actually different from the Big Bang Singularity.

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