Searching for intermediate-mass compact objects: from black-holes to ultra-light bosons…

Seminar given by Juan Calderón Bustillo (IGFAE) on June1, 2022 at IGFAE.

Abstract: Intermediate-mass black holes in the range of 10^2-10^5 Msun are of crucial interest to understand both black-hole and stellar evolution and are also excellent arenas to test the theory of General Relativity. The gravitational-wave detectors Advanced LIGO and Virgo have recently delivered several compact mergers events involving objects in such mass-range. In this talk I will summarise recent efforts concerning the detection and interpretation of these events and some of the most important challenges these involve, including possible degeneracies in the interpretation of these events. In particular, I will discuss the possibility that some of these events are consistent with mergers of horizonless compact objects known as boson stars and present the results of a recently developed search for these objects in Advanced LIGO data.

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