Black Holes, Big Bang, and the Apocalypse

Black Holes, Big Bang, and the Apocalypse
I was thinking of making a video about black holes for some time now. When Astronomers shared with us the first photos that prove that Sagittarius A, a mass in the center of the Milky Way is a giant black hole I made my decision to cover this topic with a different interpretation.
Astronomers are constantly researching black holes. Although this isn’t a topic a lot of people are knowledgeable about, it is easy to find resources about the limited advancements in this field of research. The important thing is to learn about these formations to widen our perspectives and read the universe properly. This way we can strengthen our thought processes. Otherwise filling our brains with mounds of scientific information is of no use for us humans. To witness the process that the Creator created in this universe unfold is a whole other level of awareness for us humans

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