Uncovering Hidden UAP? | Surviving a Black Hole w/ Avi Loeb

Can you survive a black hole? Do we live in the interior of a Black Hole?
Will the U.S. government release hidden UAP data to the public?

Avi Loeb reacts to the first image of the center of the milky way, Sagittarius A star, by the Event Horizon Telescope team. He also discusses if you can survive a black hole and why time dilation gives you a good reason to visit a singularity.

Avi Loeb then discusses how he and Amir Siraj found the first interstellar meteor cneos 2014-01-08, using classified government data. Which is why he wants the public and the Galileo Project to be given access to more hidden government data on uap and ufos. With hopes that the congress hearing on uap will lead to more data becoming available to study UAP.
What changes if we find Alien technology?

The Galileo Project for the Systematic Scientific Search for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Technological Artifacts

Washington Journal
Avi Loeb on U.S. Government and UFOs

Scientific discovery gets kind of government seal of approval

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:43 Bio
00:01:40 Avi Loeb’s reaction to seeing the black hole at the center of the Milky Way
00:03:50 Why to visit a black hole, time dilation
00:04:55 Aliens living near a black hole
00:07:28 Is Sagittarius A star pointed at us?
00:11:28 Creating Non rotating black holes
00:14:08 Spinning black hole event horizon
00:19:05 Kerr ring and worm hole
00:22:55 unified theory of everything
00:26:20 do we live in the interior of a black hole?
00:30:22 can you survive a black hole?
00:35:45 Colliding stars
00:40:02 environment of a black hole
00:43:06 The Galileo Project’s first instruments
00:46:03 How Avi Loeb and Amir Siraj found an interstellar meteor cneos 2014-01-08
00:49:50 How to find the interstellar meteor
00:56:33 If we find Alien technology are there a lot of alien civilizations?
00:58:06 We Study Ants, Aliens may study us
01:04:23 Are we past the great filter?
01:09:13 Avi Loeb’s thoughts on Congress UFO hearing
01:11:03 Encouraging the government to share its UAP data with scientists
01:13:40 First in a sequence to bring UAP data to scientists
01:14:13 It would reflect badly if the government don’t know what UAP is
01:17:33 Why wasn’t FAA data in the Pentagon UAP report? Psychological reasons….
01:27:41 Has the U.S. government told Avi to stop what he is doing?
01:28:00 What changes if we find Alien technology?

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ESO – M.Kornmesser
ESO – L.Calcada
ESO – Jose Francisco Salgado (
University of Warwick
Goddard Visualization Studio
Langley Research Center
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