GQFI-UGent-WST Seminar: Martin Sasieta "Holographic Complexity of Quantum Black…

In this talk, Martin Sasieta (Madrid, IFT) describes a way to characterize the bulk quantum corrections to holographic complexity proposals for the state of a black hole using double holography. The specific setup is the quantum BTZ black hole, which encompasses in an exact manner the effects of conformal fields with large central charge in the presence of the black hole, including the backreaction corrections to the BTZ metric. Martin shows how the Volume Complexity admits a consistent quantum expansion, while the Action Complexity fails to account for the additional contributions from bulk quantum fields and does not lead to the correct classical limit.

The Virtual Seminar Series “GQFI-Ghent University-Warsaw String Theory” (GQFI-UGent-WST) is a joint initiative between the strings/holography groups at the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) in Potsdam, Ghent University and the University Warsaw. The calendar for upcoming GQFI-UGent-WST seminars can be found here:

This talk is primarily based on arXiv:2112.04860 [hep-th] (

This talk was recorded on January 18th, 2022 at the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam-Golm.

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