What Concerns Scientists About This Supermassive Blackhole !

We only see black holes in movies, right?

They are, in fact, real and gigantic supermassive black holes. Of course, scientists have known about black holes for decades, but they have never been able to locate one until today.
NASA scientists believe they have discovered one of the universe’s earliest black holes thanks to the Hubble Telescope, which is 32 years old. So, what can we learn about our Galaxy and universe from this black hole?

Scientists Reveal Why They Are Worried About This Supermassive Blackhole

In today’s video, we’ll go over all of this and more. So make a point of staying. It’s necessary to understand what black holes are in order to appreciate why this discovery is significant.
A black hole is essentially a point in space where gravity is so strong that light and matter are drawn in its direction. A black hole’s gravity is so powerful that light cannot escape.

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