Scientists New Terrifying Warning About Black Holes Changes Everything!

Most of us have heard about black holes in the movies and novels, however, not many of us believe that they actually exist in our universe. Scientists have been trying to unlock this mystery for years by sending powerful spacecrafts and telescope, but they were not able to spot one, until now! Researchers have long suspected that a supermassive black hole, lurks at the center of our galaxy, but now they believe that this monster is soon going to swallow our galaxy.
Does that mean we need to run for our lives? Let’s find out!
Welcome to Mystery Hub, where we unravel the deepest and darkest mysteries of the world for you. In today’s video we are going to talk about a monstrous supermassive black hole found near our galaxy and why is it going to eat away everything. So, if you want to know more about it then stay with un until the end of the video.
Black holes are thought of as massive, distant, and scary objects in space which are the remnants of dying stars. These dark remnants have the gravitational pull so strong that if you get close enough you will see that even light will bend to its will. Scientists and researchers have found various different big and medium sized black holes, including the supermassive monster at the heart of the galaxy, which has also presented a long standing mystery in astrophysics.
This strange black hole has been named as Sagittarius A*, which has a mass of around four million suns, and it is the closest supermassive black hole to Earth. It was discovered by two astronomers, Bruce Balick and Robert Brown, who published a paper in 1974 describing a radio source coming from an area right in the middle of our galaxy, according to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The reason scientists know its mass is that we can measure the motion of stars that orbit the black hole. According to the lead author of the study Tuan Do:
“Using the orbits of the stars, we can measure the mass of the black hole. These stars move really quickly around the black hole. The only way they can do that is if they are orbiting a very massive object.”
In addition, nobody has ever actually seen this black hole, well because we can’t see any black holes. Not only are they relatively tiny, but their strong gravitational pull means they’re usually surrounded by bright matter that further impedes our view. We can, however, see signs of black holes in their surroundings.

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