Hairy black holes?! Plus JWST alignment image explained | Night Sky News March 2022

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This month we’re chatting all about the details behind the James Webb Space Telescope’s recent alignment image, the suspension of ExoMars, and whether black holes have quantum hair! Plus all the planets to look out for in the night sky this month. #stargazing #spacenews

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Calmet et al. (2022; hairy black holes?) –

00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – The March sky
01:33 – Venus, Mars & Saturn morning sky
01:49 – Toenail Moon and planets 27th/28th March
02:19 – Jupiter joins them mid April
02:34 – Meteors and the ISS
03:09 – JWST image and diffraction limited resolution
08:32 – JWST 8 pointed star shape explained
10:50 – What’s next for JWST?
13:37 – ExoMars & Rosalind Franklin rover suspended
15:25 – Quantum hairy black holes?!
21:05 – Outro
21:34 – Wondrium educational streaming service
23:04 – Bloopers

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