How Blackholes, & Neutron Stars are formed? What is a Supernova? Life cycle of a High…

Black holes are the most fascinating objects in our universe. Neutron stars are the most peculiar type of stars in our universe. Similarly, Supernova is the most spectacular and most violent explosions in our universe. Life cycle of a High mass star is very much interesting and eventful because supernova , neutron stars and blackholes are part of their life cycle.
Not only that, most of the elements that we see in our body are formed inside a high mass star. That is why a famous scientist once told, we are made of star stuff.
So, what is a Supernova, How Blackholes and neutron stars are formed in our universe? Let us find out in this video.

You are welcome to my science channel Science Simplified 4 All. My name is Anoop. I am a science enthusiast. My science talk videos are an attempt to simplify complicated science topics so that everyone can understand. My videos will include topics like Physics, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Blackholes, Special Theory of relativity, General Theory of relativity, Spacetime, stars, quantum mechanics, science experiments, science projects, biology, aliens, science facts, science documentry etc. I will try to explain science in simple ways without too much equations, formulas and graphs. Some of my videos may be useful for the science students, science class, science master, and competitive exam students like UPSC etc.

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