Astronomers discovered eight new ‘echoing’ black holes in the milky way

Astronomers discovered eight new ‘echoing’ black holes in the milky way.
Astronomers have discovered eight new “echoing black hole binaries” in our galaxy with a new automated search tool that they call “Reverberation Machine.” These are systems with a star orbiting, and sometimes being eaten away by a black hole.
Previously, only two such systems in the Milky Way were known to emit “X-ray echoes” that could be detected.
There are millions of black holes scattered across our galaxy.
They are extremely strong wells of gravity that bend space and time.
Nothing that falls in, even light, can escape from it.
This makes them dark by definition, and difficult to detect.
But as a black hole pulls in gas and dust from an orbiting star, it can give off bursts of X-ray light that bounce and echo off the gas spiralling into it and briefly illuminating the black hole’s surroundings.
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