What are Black Holes? | All about Black Holes | Shivam Wadkar |

All about Black holes.

Time stamps :
0:00 What is a Black hole?
0:11 How do Black holes form?
0:32 Where are Black holes located in the universe?
0:47 Who discovered Black hole?
1:04 First image of Black hole.
1:38 What would happen if 2 Black holes collide?
1:53 Conclusion.
2:04 Thank you

Hello my name is Shivam.
👉🏻12th grade student 👨‍🔬
👉🏻Amateur astronomer🔭
👉🏻Bronze honour in International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition👨‍🎓.
👉🏻Participant in Lunar Science Workshop on Chandrayaan 2 👨‍🎓.
👉🏻Certificate holder in Online Summer School on Usefulness of Remote Sensing and GIS for Environmental Studies by ISRO.


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