Three Body Interaction Between Black Holes

The video shows a dynamical interaction between a binary of black holes and a single black hole. The reference frame is referred to the center of mass of the initial binary.

The colour of the trajectories are of the following black holes:
– Orange = primary black hole in the initial binary, 43 solar masses
– Cyan = secondary black hole in the initial binary, 33 solar masses
– Pink = single initial black hole, 85 solar masses

The interaction lasts 10^5 yr, and it ends with an exchange in which the pink black hole replaces the orange one in the initial binary. I created this video only with the Matplotlib and the NumPy libraries in Python, while I performed the simulation with the direct N-body code ARWV (check it out! which includes relativistic corrections of the orbits.

The phases of the interaction:
0:00 Approach
0:15 First exchange
0:30 Resonant interactions
4:55 Final Outcome (Is an exchange!)

If you want to know more, check my work here

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