Black Holes Wandering at the Edges Of Our Galaxy.Should We Worry?

Universe Explorer
about 12 black holes could be wandering at the edges of our galaxy.Looking for black holes is one of the most challenging things for astronomers.Most of the galaxies are believed to host a supermassive black hole at their centers.These black holes could be millions or even billions of times more massive than the sun.Trails of dust and gas swirl around these supermassive black holes.As the material swirls, it heats up and forms the acretion disk that feeds the black holes.Mostly these black holes are fixed at the centers of their galaxies.However an enormous force can pop a supermassive black hole a result, it wanders in the galaxy or even the intergalactic space.When two galaxies merge their supermassive black holes also combine to form a bigger black hole.

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