Why Black Holes Form? | Black Holes May Not Be Objects

Black Holes May Not Be Objects
Do you know why black holes form? How do they form? Watch this video to know!
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Black holes are one of the most mind-boggling aspects of space. For a start, they aren’t actually objects, they are the result of the extreme warping of space-time. And because of this warping, some really weird stuff starts to go on around them that will change your perspective of the way the universe operates around you. Some of it is so strange that perhaps you wouldn’t believe it was true, were it not for the solid math that backs up their existence and properties, and the increasing evidence that the math is correct through observations in our own universe.
Black holes come in a variety of sizes. The smallest observed black hole is around 3.8 solar masses. On the other side of the scale, we find black holes that have been in existence since almost the start of the universe, black holes weighing billions of solar masses. These behemoths are not only massive, but also huge, they would easily fit in the entire solar system within the diameter of their event horizon.
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Image Credits: NASA/ESA/ESO
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