There are planets orbitting Neutron Stars

A neutron star is a dead star whose magnetic field can be trillions of times that of earth. Just a teaspoonful of its material could weigh more than a billion tons.

An interesting question is that do they have planets orbitting them? To answer this question, astronomers studied 800 known neutron stars in our galaxy. If a planet evolves around a neutron star, the neutron star gets pulled slightly by the planet too. This means that the neutron star moves back and forth. If that is the case, the timing of the neutron star signals will vary slightly as well.

This becomes evidence of an exoplanet orbitting the neutron star. Out of 800 neutron stars studied, only a third of them are likely to host exoplanets. The first exoplanet orbitting a neutron star was detected in 1992.
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