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Remember those milestones that were achieved in the world of astronomy back in 2017, when 2 neutron stars merger was detected GW 170817 by LIGO. Well Well, you got excited about it and done!

But after the merging? How did it became Black Hole? Did it go BlackHole in few seconds? If Yes, then wont we be seeing any light waves coming from there ever?

All you need to know about Neutron Star Merger is here in this Saturday’s news…

Tanmaye’s Astronomy News Gujarati Ep 110

PS: At 2:41 The distance of this event is 13 crore LY.

1. GW170817 animation Chandra X Ray Observatory :

2. Evidence for X-ray Emission in Excess to the Jet Afterglow Decay 3.5 yrs After the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW 170817: A New Emission Component:

3. AeroAStroMIT –

4. Career Playlist Indian State wise :

0:00 Neutron Merger Gravitational Wave of 2017
5:57 China Rocket crashes on Moon
7:00 International Space Station has a solution for Space Junk

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Graphic content: Vishwa Jain, Sr. Education Associate
Editor: Karan Asnani

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