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Product Description

Portable Telescope KitPortable Telescope Kit

Portable Telescopes Kit

Occer beginner telescope with high magnification power and Fully multi layered glass will provide a clear image.What is more,FMC lens with excellent transmittance helps increase the brightness of the image.Not only suitable for observed moon and planet at night,but also for daylight viewing wildlife.


Great for Night and Daytime





finder scope

finder scope

Excellent Viewing

This telescope comes with 2 eyepieces: 20mm & 9mm,and a 3x Barlow lens.Every eyepiece With Different magnification will bring variety viewing.What is more, using 9mm eyepiece and 3x Barlow lens at the same time can magnify your object between 133x. It will be more helpful to observe the surface of the moon.

Humanized design – Adjustable Tripod

The Multifunctional tripod of astronomical telescope is adjustable that fit for many people,even for teens and kids.The portable refractor telescope made with high quality aluminum alloy and 360 °rotation design is lightweight but sturdy, which is really a good partner for the telescope,spotting scope,and monocular.

Finder scope

Finderscope can help you target the object quickly.Using the finderscope to target the object first,then use the telescope to observed.Furthermore,Objects viewed via the finderscope are upside down and backwards,which is normal.

telescopes for adultstelescopes for adults

3 Steps To Mount The Phone Adapter

Step 1, Rotate the upper screw to adjust the width until suitable for eyepiece, then hang it on the eyepiece, and then rotate the screw to tighten again.Step 2, Rotate the screw to adjust the width until suiable for your smartphone, then put your phone on it, and then tighten the screw againStep 3, After finding the Proper Angle, tighten the screw. (Pls note: The Camera lens should be aimed at the eyepiece, so that can capture image)

Now you can use it to capture any image.

Focal Length
300mm 400mm

Suggest user
Beginner,Kids,Adults Adults,Beginner,even for Kids

20mm,6mm K20mm,K9mm

【 ✔ FULLY MULTI-COATED LENS COATING-WITH BRIGHT IMAGES】Occer telescope with 400mm focal length and 70mm aperture was adopted high resolution fully multi-coated lens coating and Owning excellent transmittance that can get a crystal clear viewing,even can make object easier to get into the field of view.What is more,these telescopes for beginners comes with a finderscope that can help you target the object quickly,then you can use the telescope to observed.
【✔ ADJUSTABLE TRIPOD FIT FOR MANY PEOPLE】Our astronomical telescope is equipped with an adjustable tripod stand.Made of high quality aluminum alloy and non-slip design that is lightweight but sturdy tripod. Besides,it is not only suitable for adults,beginners,but also kids.Because the telescope tripod can be extendable from 16.5 inches to 49.6 inches.It is really a Humanize design!
【✔ EASY TO SET UP】Occer high power telescope can set up quickly without additional tools.Definitely designed for beginner to use.Furthermore,the refractor telescope designed with a Screw that can adjust for the tightness of the focusing mechanism.
【✔ UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE ADAPTER】This travel telescope also with an universal phone adapter is really convenient,which can attach your phone,then you can take photos or videos.In addition,it also works on binoculars,monocular,spotting scope,and so on.What a powerful tool!
【✔ WIDELY USED & WITH TELESCOPE BACKPACK】The astronomical telescope not only can observe the Moon and bright planets,but also good for daylight viewing of wildlife.Even offering 1.25″ telescope eyepieces K20mm,K9mm,and 3x barlow lense satisfy all of your needs.Moreover,equipped with telescope backpack can contain all accessories and is more convenient for carrying outside than Traditional carrying case.

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