Niko Jokela (U. Helsinki): NICER view on holographic QCD

Speaker: Niko Jokela (University of Helsinki)
Title: NICER view on holographic QCD

Abstract: Holographic techniques are particularly fit to analyzing matter at extreme conditions where QCD matter is strongly coupled. Combining predictions of the holographic model with state-of-the-art effective field theory models of nuclear matter, I construct a family of feasible “hybrid” equations of state which cover both the quark matter and nuclear matter phases. The model predicts, among other things, that the NICER’s radius measurement is fully consistent with the absence of quark matter inside massive neutron stars. I also briefly overview some results that holography has achieved on general level as well as discuss how I foresee holography contributing to compact-star physics in the coming years.

Holotube Webinar on 01/03/2022. More details @

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