Cafe Scientifique: A Deadly Dance – When Black Holes and Neutron Stars Collide (March 2022)

Cafe Scientifique 30 March 2022
A Deadly Dance – When Black Holes and Neutron Stars Collide
Dr Heloise Stevance, Department of Physics, University of Auckland

What happens when the densest objects in the universe collide at half the speed of light? It starts with a stretch of a wobble in the fabric of spacetime and sometimes ends in cosmic explosions that create some of the rarest and shiniest elements in the Universe. Together we’ll learn how some of the most massive stars in the cosmos live and die with a bang, to create the black hole and neutron star mergers we can “hear” colliding a hundred million light-years away.

Join Dr Heloise Stevance, physicist, astronomer, and science communicator spectacular in learning about the collision of black holes and neutrons. Dr Stevance was born and raised in France and studied physics and astronomy at the University of Sheffield. After working as a support astronomer at the Isaac Newton Group (and completing a MPhys and PhD) she joined the University of Auckland as a Research Fellow in 2019.

This cafe was brought to you by the Auckland Museum Institute, Auckland branch of the Royal Society Te Apārangi.

Our thanks go to our presenter, Dr Heloise Stevance and our MC and convenor/video producer Scott Pilkington

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