NASA JUST Accidentally Detected Something Huge Traveling Towards Earth!

NASA JUST Accidentally Detected Something Huge Traveling Towards Earth!

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This world is full of the unknown and mysterious. #Scientists, #Researchers, #Historians, and curious humans are in continuous efforts to chip away all the bizarre, and in the search, they do little rest than all of us. #NASA scientists discovered and announced that something massive was coming towards us through these efforts. Is it an alarming situation for the Earth or its inhabitants? What is coming all the way long? To be all-knowing, watch this video as we will explain all, what, when, why, after effects, and shocks related to the topic in this video. So keep yourself at rest and watch the video till the end.

What did NASA discover?

NASA researchers recently discovered neutron stars known as Swift J1818.0−1607 is a remarkable effort. NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory found a bright burst of X-rays in a galaxy 6.6 billion light-years from Earth. This event likely signaled the merger of two neutron stars and could give astronomers fresh insight into how neutron stars – dense stellar objects packed mainly with neutrons – are built. Also explained in their journals is that this neutron star or magnetar is only about 240 years old — a veritable newborn by cosmic standards.

NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift noticed an object on March 12, when it exited a massive burst of X-rays. Follow-up studies by the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton observatory and NASA’s NuSTAR telescope, led by Caltech and managed by the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, revealed more of the neutron star’s physical characteristics, including the age estimation.

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