Star: Birth, Evolution, & Death | All about Star Life Cycle with Dr Tayyaba Zafar

This video is part of a series about James Webb Space Telescope.
Image Credit: NASA; ESA

In this video, we discuss basic information about stars to tell you broad-brush things. We start from their birth from a stellar nebula and expand this further to their nucleosynthesis. How stars fuse their elements from hydrogen to iron in their core. We further discuss how stars proceed towards different phases in their life depending on their mass. A sun-like or a little massive star chose to evolve as a red giant and then after forming a planetary nebula moves towards a white dwarf and then a black dwarf. While stars that are 8-200 times more massive than the sun evolve as supergiants and explode as supernovae turning into neutron stars or stellar blackholes. This is the basic journey of the stellar life cycle. This will help to form the basis and we will carry on with a detailed discussion in the next videos. Stay tuned.

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