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This is a Professional Telescope for Beginners and Kids

More precious than money is knowledge, more precious than knowledge is endless curiosity, and more precious than curiosity is our starry sky.

Humans are full of imagination about the universe, and we never stop understanding and exploring it. The first step in exploring the universe is to have an astronomical telescope. Complex telescopes can dampen the enthusiasm of beginners. We have developed this professional telescope for adults and children. It is easy to set up and use.

The Hawkko telescope has the bright image quality and high magnification. The telescope can provide a clear view of the Moon, Saturn’s rings, and Jupiter. After learning astronomy, you can explore the Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy outside the solar system. Or you can enjoy nature in your daily use and use it to view mountains, rivers, birds, animals, etc.

Warning: Don’t point the lens of the telescope at the sun. Observing the sun can cause irreversible damage to your eyes!

for day for nightfor day for night

Telescope AccessoriesTelescope Accessories What’s in the box?

1x Carry Bag

1x Stainless steel tripod

1x Telescope Tube

1x Finderscope

1x Zenith Mirror

2x Eyepieces(10mm,25mm)

1x Barlow Lens(3X)

1x Phone Adapter

1x Accessory Tray

1x User Manual

Hawkko Telescope 70700

Easy to set up, easy to use

The visual resolution and optical capabilities of professional telescopes are better than other products within entry-level products.Astronomical telescopes have an aperture of 70 mm and a focal length of 700 mm, which can provide accurate and high-resolution images.The installation is simple, and beginners can quickly install it.The maximum magnification is 210 times.Hawkko’s stainless steel tripod is stronger and more stable than aluminum alloy.Hawkko telescope is easy to carry.

How to use telescopeHow to use telescope

Why can’t you see objects or have dark shadows?

Answer:1. Wrong installation will result in failure to focus, objects, etc. Please use it correctly according to the instructions.2. When you use a Barlow lens + eyepiece, you cannot see objects with this combination. Remove the Barlow lens and you can see objects.3. The human eye sees the scenery because the light passes through the eyepiece and then enters the pupil. When you turn your eyeball, the light can’t enter the pupil, you can’t see the scenery. Keep the pupils aligned with the center of the eyepieces, and a full image will be presented.4. If the eye is too close to the eyepiece, the eyelashes will stick to the eyepiece, resulting in dark shadows.5. It is wrong to use a telescope at night to look at objects that don’t shine. Please use it to see the moon, planets or objects with light.6. Bad weather will affect the use effect, such as rainy days, foggy days, etc.7. If you find the parts are damaged or missing. We can resend the missing parts or replace with new parts within 20 days.


High-quality Optics

A. Larter Aperture And High Power Telescope.

The 70mm objectives offer you wide-field experience. When you look at the same object, you can see a larger image with a 700mm focal length with greater magnification compared to a 400mm focal length.

B. Multi-Fully Coated All-Optical Lens.

This high-quality optical glass lens can provide clearer and brighter images, as well as a total light transmittance of 99%, which can protect your eyes.

C. The effect of the telescope will be affected by the weather. Cloudy, foggy, and rainy days are not suitable for use.


Altazimuth Tripod-adjustable Viewing Angle

The Altazimuth mount is one of the most common mounts for astronomy and photography. This is a simple manual mount that allows you to move the telescope up, down, left, and right. People like altazimuth mount because it provides freedom and fluidity of movement.

Part 1: The blue part can be adjusted up and down 180°. When the telescope is adjusted to an angle, and you find that the telescope cannot be fixed, please rotate the handle and let it tighten, and the telescope will be fixed.

It is worth noting that when the mobile phone is installed on the telescope, the handle of the AZ mount must be tightened first to fix the position. Otherwise, the weight of the phone will cause the telescope to move and deviate.

Part 2: The yellow part can be adjusted 360° left and right. Due to the rotation of the Earth, the planets in the telescope are moving every second and require frequent fine adjustments. Exploring the stars requires more patience and concentration.


Telescope with Phone Adapter

Simple operation:

Open the clip to fix the phone, point the phone camera at the adapter, and lock the eyepiece in the threaded sleeve. Hold the body of the phone adapter. Insert the eyepiece into the zenith lens. Adjust the focal length to obtain a clear image.

It can easily connect the mobile phone to the telescope. Shows beautiful images of the moon and planets and any distant objects on land.

Just touch your phone’s screen, then you can take a celestial picture, share your discovery with friends in real-time.


Easy to Carry and Travel Freely

This Hawkko telescope can be put in a carrying bag. It is very suitable for backyard exploration, school education, starry sky party, camping, space activities, or observing the wilderness outside the city. So you can take it to your favorite campsite.

Let’s get it started!


High-quality Optics


Altazimuth Mount


Telescope with Phone Adapter


Easy to Carry and Travel Freely

focus wheel updatefocus wheel update


On Thanksgiving, Christmas or Birthday, this is a pleasant SURPRISE for family, friends and colleagues.

【Professional Telescope for Beginners】: Hawkko telescopes are easy-to-use and powerful telescopes. We aim to provide the perfect combination of quality, value, features, and power for the first time telescope use. It will be a surprise for family or friends on holidays or birthdays.
【Perfect Optical Quality】: 700mm focal length and 70mm aperture, fully coated optical glass lens, high transmission coating. The image is clearer and brighter. With eyepieces and Barrold lenses, the magnification is 28x-210x. The perfect astronomical telescope for exploring the moon and stars.
【Phone Adapter and Tripod】: Full-size stainless steel adjustable tripod that can adapt to any height and angle, bringing you stability, safety, and durability. The phone adapter allows you to shoot or record the beauty and share it with your friends.
【Easy to Set Up and Use】: We have a complete set of paper and video installation guides. Don’t worry about any installation issues. Even for the first time, kids, adults, and beginners can install their own, without any tools.
【Quality Service】: Telescopes are made of high-quality materials. If you are not satisfied with the product or have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us. We promise you will get a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

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