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Hello World!


The world is so mysterious and beautiful!

All over the place was six pence,but he looked up at the moon.

The ground is filled with the smell of copper sixpence, the most arduous life, the hardest work, the most tired body, is a lifetime of hard work with their backs to the sky, but some people, because of the irresistible power in their hearts to support themselves, tiredness can also raise their heads to appreciate the beautiful night sky, see the dazzling moonlight.

Love yourself and be proud of everything that you do.

WARNING: Please don’t aim the telescope at the sun or strong light!


About 3x Barlow Lens

The Barlow lens, named after Peter Barlow, is a diverging lens which, used in series with other optics in an optical system, increases the effective focal length of an optical system as perceived by all components that are after it in the system.

In its astronomical use, a Barlow lens may be placed immediately before an eyepiece to effectively decrease the eyepiece’s focal length by the amount of the Barlow’s divergence. Since the magnification provided by a telescope and eyepiece is equal to the telescope’s focal length divided by the eyepiece’s focal length, this has the effect of increasing the magnification of the image.

NOTE: The 3x Barlow Lens is not suitable for observing the landscape.


About Red-dot Finderscope

It is designed on the same principle as the scope and is more suitable for beginners.

The RD finderscope is different from the optical finderscope. RD needs battery power, the image is positive, but it has no magnification effect.


Question: Why can’t you see objects or have dark shadows?


1) The human eye sees the scenery because the light passes through the eyepiece and then enters the pupil. When you turn your eyeball, the light can’t enter the pupil, you can’t see the scenery. 2) If the eye is too close to the eyepiece, the eyelashes will stick to the eyepiece, resulting in dark shadows.3) When you use the Barlow lens + eyepiece, this combination can’t see the ground scenery. Remove the Barlow lens and you can see the object. 4) Eyes are too close or too far away from the eyepiece. Close one eye, and the opened eye is 1-3 cm away from the eyepiece. Keep the pupils aligned with the center of the eyepieces, and a full image will be presented.5) It can’t be used in a completely dark and non-light environment.6) There is a list of parts in the product if you find the parts are damaged or missing. We can resend the missing parts or replace them with new parts within 30 days.


gift gift

【Wonderful Telescope for Adults and Kids】70AZ is an easy-to-use and powerful telescope that has everything you need to get started in astronomy and comes with a complete instruction manual, so you don’t have to worry about how to use it. Simple and high definition, it makes it easy to explore the universe.
【Professional Optical Lens】The fully coated objective lens and the 45° zenith lens provide high light transmittance, providing you with a broader and clearer field of view. It is equipped with two replaceable eyepieces (25MM, 10MM) and a 3x Barlow lens. Eyepieces with different multiples are better at discovering beauty.
【Clear Red Dot Finderscope】This telescope has a 5×24 red dot finder with a red laser transmitter. By adjusting the direction calibration knob, you get accurate auxiliary tools that are easy to locate. It can easily help you find the stars. Suitable for beginners.
【Quick Installation- No Tool Setup】We provide you with detailed installation instructions and precautions, which can make the installation easy and simple. To save your time, the telescope can be installed without matching other tools, truly a tool-free telescope.
【Customer Support】If you are not satisfied with the product or have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us to get 24-hour technical support from our expert team.

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