Lockheed Martin to build the first rocket to take off from another planet | SpaceTime S25E20

SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 20
*Lockheed Martin to build the first rocket to take off from another planet
NASA has awarded Lockheed Martin the contract to build the first rocket to launch from the surface of Mars.
*Counting down to the launch of ExoMars
This year should finally see the launch of the second part of the joint European Space Agency Roscosmos ExoMars mission to the red planet.
*More power needed to make oxygen on the Moon and Mars
A new study has found that splitting water in to its constituent hydrogen and oxygen components using electricity would produce less oxygen on the Moon and Mars compared to the same process on Earth.
*Understanding neutron stars through atomic nuclei
Scientists are using lead atoms to try and better understand the composition of neutron stars – the densest objects in the universe other than black holes.
*The Science Report
A new more highly virulent version of HIV spreading through the Netherlands.
Ditching the western diet could add up to a decade to your life.
A new species of sauropod dinosaur discovered in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Alex on Tech: Samsung’s new galaxy
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