2022-02-14 NITheCS Colloquium: Frans Pretorius, Gravitational wave astrophysics: a status report

2022-02-14 NITheCS Colloquium

Prof. Frans Pretorius
(Princeton University)
Gravitational-wave astrophysics: a status report

Abstract: I will review the state of the field of gravitational-wave astrophysics, framing the challenges, current observations, and future prospects within the context of the predictions of Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

BIO: Frans Pretorius is a Professor of Physics at Princeton University.
His primary field of research is general relativity, focusing on regimes where dynamical, strong-field gravity is important. This includes understanding the nature of the binary black hole and neutron star mergers, the gravitational waves emitted during such collisions, gravitational collapse and black hole formation, the interior structure of black holes, early universe cosmology, and the stability and dynamics of higher-dimensional black holes.



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