China’s new white paper details big space plans to 2025

Secretive China reveals its space exploration plans for the next 5 years. China is set to explore more in space science next five years: white paper. China issued a white paper on the country’s space program on Friday.
China has released a new white paper outlining the centrality of space to the country’s “overall national strategy” as well as major plans for the years ahead.

Over the next five years China will seek to develop its space transportation capabilities, test new technologies, embark on exploration missions, modernize space governance, enhance innovation and boost international cooperation.

Crewed lunar landings, on-orbit servicing and work on planetary defense are all noted as key areas for research and technical breakthroughs in the coming years, the paper reveals, while also providing a measure of transparency into a largely closed off Chinese space industry.

The once-every-five-year white paper document, titled “China’s Space Program: A 2021 Perspective,” was released Jan. 28 by the State Council Information Office and notes that the global space industry has entered a “new stage of rapid development and profound transformation,” and outlines activities planned to meet new challenges and build on new capabilities.

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Voiceover: Vikram Barhat

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