Two Black Holes Are About To Collide 400M LY Away | Could We Survive? |

1.3 billion years ago, two orbiting black holes collided in a violent universe-rippling explosion, that sent waves of high energy throughout the cosmos.
Fast forward to September 2015, gravitational waves from this ancient cosmic event finally touched Earth.

2 singularities, 2 points of infinite density have just collided, just like sending nonillion atomic bombs to collide with each other head-on.

What if that collision happened somewhere in the neighborhood of our Solar System?
Could we survive the force released by the dance between 2 Black holes?

Reality is more than a linear path.
It’s a prism of endless possibilities where a single choice can branch out into infinite realities, creating alternative worlds for the one you know.

Join us on an odyssey beyond the cosmos, where rules of physics collapse.

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