GQFI-UGent-WST Seminar: Rob Myers "Holographic Complexity of Quantum Black Holes"

In this talk, Rob Myers (Perimeter Institute) examines a new class of gravitational observables in asymptotically AdS space associated with codimension-one slices or with codimension-zero regions motivated by holographic complexity. Rob argues that any of these observables is an equally viable candidate as the extremal volume for a gravitational dual of complexity.

The Virtual Seminar Series “GQFI-Ghent University-Warsaw String Theory” (GQFI-UGent-WST) is a joint initiative between the strings/holography groups at the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI) in Potsdam, Ghent University and the University of Warsaw. The calendar for upcoming GQFI-UGent-WST seminars can be found here:

This talk is primarily based on arXiv:2111.02429 [hep-th] (

This talk was recorded on January 25th, 2022 at the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam-Golm.


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