Astronomers Spot Neutron Stars Colliding that form Magnetar or Black Hole?

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Astronomers Spot Neutron Stars Colliding that Form Magnetar?

Today’s episode of Science Get is special, not only because we’ll be talking about the awesome power of a potential newly born magnetar, but also, because it’s the first episode of the year.

Thanks to the fact that the Holidays were absolutely insane, this is also going to serve as our obligatory holiday episode. (And hey, why not, there are traditionally 12 days of Christmas, 8 days of Hanukkah, etc, etc, so why not blow right past all that and release one in the middle of January?

So, happy Christmas, merry holidays, and happy new year from myself (and my wife). Because I am mostly a one-man army. Mostly.

Speaking of Christmas, do you like Christmas lights? Well there’s probably no greater Christmas lightshow in the universe than the explosion of energy released by a pair of neutron stars colliding and forming a freaking magnetar. (nice segue, I know, but roll with it okay)

And astronomers think they just spotted one.
Let’s jump in.

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