Demystifying black holes

Theoretical Physics Colloquium by Prof. Georgi R. Dvali.
This presentation was held live on January 12, 2022 as part of the theoretical physics colloquium series hosted by Prof. Igor Shovkovy at the Arizona State University. The series features high-quality interactive presentations on current advances in theoretical physics by active researchers in the field of theoretical physics.
Abstract for this presentation:
Black holes are considered mysterious due to their time evolution and information processing. We claim that these properties are not specific to gravity but are generic for a class of objects, called saturons, that have maximal microstate entropy compatible with unitarity. Saturons appear in a variety of calculable renormalizable theories in the form of solitons and other bound states. This universality has a wide range of implications not only for black hole physics but also for particle physics and quantum information processing in many-body systems.


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