Digitized Sky Survey image around Abell 2597

Observations by ALMA and data from the MUSE spectrograph on ESO’s VLT have revealed a colossal fountain of molecular gas powered by a black hole in the brightest galaxy of the Abell 2597 cluster — the first of its kind to be detected.

The image is a colour composite made from exposures from the Digitized Sky Survey 2 (DSS2), and shows the region surrounding the Abell 2597 cluster. The field of view is approximately 2.4 x 2.0 degrees.


ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2. Acknowledgment: Davide De Martin

About the Image

Id: eso1836b
Type: Observation
Release date: 6 November 2018, 16:00
Related releases: eso1836
Size: 4705 x 4697 px

About the Object


Position (RA): 23 25 19.81
Position (Dec): -12&deg 7′ 24.82″
Field of view: 79.07 x 78.94 arcminutes
Orientation: North is 0.1° right of vertical

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